BinarySwitch Fetch Usage Guide

BinarySwitch Fetch is a command-line program, which means that you aren’t able to simply double-click on the program to get results. However, as we will see, this lack of UI actually makes the program more flexible.

BinarySwitch Fetch

Fetch Screenshot BinarySwitch Fetch is an easy-to-use command-line podcast downloader. 

Just like any other command-line utility, it can be batched, logged, and scheduled using components that are already a part of the Windows OS.

Consult the Usage Guide for full instructions.

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The Challenge

This blog centers around a challenge that I made to myself. As I previously wrote, this blog grew out of the goal of recasting my company, BinarySwitch, as a product based company.

The Challenge, simply, is this:

Make one software release each week.

BinarySwitch: From Business to Blog

Welcome to the new!

BinarySwitch has recently undergone some big and exciting changes. This post discusses the history of BinarySwitch, and the new plan for the future.