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Eclipse 1.8 Between viral marketing campaigns, Internet memes, and addictive web sites, it can sometimes be hard to stay focused on what’s really important. However, the Internet is too valuable as a resource tool and communications platform for “pulling the plug” to be a viable option.

Eclipse is a personal website blocker that will temporarily block access to the distracting websites you specify, while leaving all other web sites accessible.

Note: You may need to close and re-open your web browser for the changes to take effect.

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Anonymous said...

How do I remove a site from the Blocked Sites list?

Also, is there a way to block all sites for a certain amount of time? Like to block all sites for an hour?

Anonymous said...

I find this software very useful. I used Stayfocusd in chrome until now, but that wasn't efficient because i have almost all the major browsers installed. I am looking though for an approach similar to Stayfocusd. Allow access to sites for a limited time. Are there any development plans in this direction?

Mark Milley said...

Yes, having scheduled times is in the feature queue. I hope to release Eclipse 2.0 soon, which will be a major rewrite of the application's architecture and UI. The scheduler will be available after that.

Thank you for your interest!