Reflection and Prospection

Largely because of The Challenge, 2010 has been a very exciting year for BinarySwitch. It saw the release of 3 products, Eclipse, Reveal, and Hive, after years of promises with no delivery. One of the things I’m most proud of is that most recent release of Eclipse, v1.11, has had over 2000 downloads since it’s it’s release back in July.

Unfortunately, since July, I have found myself inundated with contract work; and while this is certainly a nice problem to have, it has led me to neglect my own products. In addition, I’ve been taking classes a couple of nights a week, and these academic endeavors, with a workload of their own, have further sapped my time and energy.

Regardless, this company has always been a source of personal pride and self esteem for me, and when I am working on my own products, I am always at my happiest. Because of this, I’m pleased to announce that I will resume posting weekly updates to all BinarySwitch software.

Immediately, you can expect to see updates to Eclipse, which is still suffering from some bugs regarding network changes and system hibernation. In addition, I’m working on Eclipse 2.0, which will include a “parental control” mode in addition to the current “self control” mode. I will also turn my attention to Reveal and Hive, and get them both out of beta.  In addition, after these goals have been accomplished, I have several other new products in store for 2011 that I can’t wait to start working on.

As always, thank you for your interest, support, and kind words.