BinarySwitch Eclipse 1.15

Product BinarySwitch Eclipse
This Version 1.15
Platform Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Download BinarySwitch Eclipse 1.15
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a problem where the Blacklist Last Updated date field did not reflect the real date of last download.
    • Corrected a problem where, after an unexpected shutdown, the DNS settings would not be fully restored. Special thanks goes to David Gelbart for bringing this issue to my attention.


Anonymous said...

So pretty much, it would be awesome if turning on parental control password was an end all, but unfortunately I can still unblock sites with the 12 character sequence, or simply by right clicking on the task bar. Hope you find a way to fix those.

Mark Milley said...

Thank you for pointing out this bug.

Currently I'm working on a completely rebuilt Eclipse, which will have better parental controls and a working scheduler.

Thank you for your interest in BinarySwitch Eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I look forward to the rebuild. Right now it's a great all-purpose deterrent, but stronger parental controls and a working scheduler would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to whitelist sites?
I'd like to set up almost total blocking *.com, *, etc... but allow 1 or 2 specific sites.

Very useful app btw... i've set it up with windows scheduler to automatically run at given times.

Anonymous said...


I want to bock sites, but if I put in for example, that IE9 goes to bing, and via bing I an still open gsmarena, so it is not blocked. what to do?

Mark Milley said...

After setting eclipse to "block" mode, you'll need to close and reopen all browser windows before the change will take effect.

Each web browser has it's own in-memory cache of website addresses that I unfortunately have no ability to access.

In the case of IE, closing down the browser and reopening it will be enough. On Google Chrome, you need to close down the browser windows and not access the site in question for over 60 seconds before the cache is clear.

I hope to find a way to clear out these temporary browser caches in the future.

A new version of Eclipse will be released early next month. Thank you for your interest!